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iCloud love

It only took me one day to fall in love with iCloud, because of a really simple feature. iCloud is the new cloud service Apple launched yesterday.

I’m a user of clients, whenever possible: I’d rather manage my mail on than on Gmail on a browser, my appointments on iCal rather than on Google Calendar, or my tweets on than on Twitter’s web page.

In order to keep my contacts and calendars synchronized on different devices I used my Google account. Until yesterday, that is. A very annoying drawback was that at work, where I’m behind a proxy, I could not upload new appointments from iCal to Google. For some reason iCal settings did not work with Google Sync behind a proxy. And being a client user, I didn’t want to use Google Calendar to manage that.

It is a small problem to worry about, but it really bugged me. I would either save new appointments on my iPhone, or add them to iCal and sync them later back home.

I first exported my Personal and Work calendars from Google and imported them to my iCloud account. I did the same with my contacts. They were all synchronized and readily available on my iPhone.

So today, at work and behind a proxy, I just added a new appointment to iCal and checked if it would be uploaded to iCloud, and it did. A few seconds later I could also see it on my iPhone. Neat!

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