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about me

I'm a molecular biologist, and a researcher at Embrapa. This is the Brazilian governmental company dedicated to agricultural research.

I try to apply genomics to improve the use of plant genetic resources by breeding programs.

I got my PhD on Molecular Biology at Universidade de Brasília (UnB) in 2008, working on approaches to improve drought tolerance in rice using genetics and genomics. Most of the projects I've been involved with are related to the characterization of plant genetic resources and their use in breeding programs, with the aid of molecular tools.

I am currently dedicated to developing a set of genomic tools to support studies on germplasm and breeding programs of the forage grass Brachiaria ruziziensis, an important forage species in tropical regions.

Recently, I also did research on soil microbial diversity using DNA sequence data. This included surveys on microbial community structure, and discovery of microbial genes using functional metagenomics. You can check my publications on my Mendeley profile, Google Scholar or my CV on the Lattes platform.

I'm also a drummer and released a record and a few singles with my former band. Still do it as a hobby and might release some new stuff soon. See what I listen to on

Photography is also a hobby, and I post my photos on Flickr. Words are posted on Twitter, and I try to network on LinkedIn, and ResearchGate. You can also find me on Facebook.